Fortune Divination Chapter 260

The yellow-clothed scholar, Kui Shan Deng, actually wanted Zhang Chu to take down An Miaoyi now. At this moment, the Fox Woman immediately stepped forward and said to Zhang Chu’s divine soul, “Master let go of your mind, I’ll pass on a method to you.” Zhang Chu directly let go of his mind, while the … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 259

At this moment, An Miaoyi, gritted her teeth and her complexion was filled with madness, “I’ve always wondered which woman, is qualified to give birth to which man!” “To my surprise, it’s you!” “Lin Bai Yu!” At this moment, An Miaoyi, no longer walking towards Zhang Chu, but twisted her head and looked at Lin … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 258

Inside the Star Tower, Zhang Chu began to ask these four talents how to get out of the trap. While in the outside world, it looked as if Zhang Chu had been scared silly, and was actually standing there motionless. At this moment, Xu Boqian was anxious as he shouted, “Zhang Chu, run, run!” However, … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 257

Instead, An Miaoyi suddenly laughed: “Cluck cluck …… I suddenly found out that the two of you are actually a bit of a couple. Lin Baiyu, Xu Boqian, want to, how about I pull a thread for you guys and be a matchmaker?” An Miaoyi’s tone was strange, and her voice was mixed with some … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 256

An Miaoyi came, and she walked towards Zhang Chu step by step. With each step, a mysterious lotus flower unexpectedly bloomed under her feet, and the brightly coloured lotus flower was not holy, but instead had a demonic feel to it. Zhang Chu’s scalp went numb as he watched, and in his heart, he exclaimed, … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 830

From ordinary friends to male and female friends, it seems like nothing special. Wu Jun had long since stopped being a tart full of XXOO. What’s more, Hou Ting’s current physical condition doesn’t allow it. He was inseparable in the hospital and accompanied Hou Ting for three days towards the end of the day. On … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 829

Waking up from a nightmare. Wu Jun sat up from the bed with a jerk. “Hoo hoo hoo hoo ……” The terrifying scene in the dream was like it was really happening. Wu Jun couldn’t help but feel his heart beating faster and his breathing became rapid. “What’s wrong Wu Jun?” Hou Ting was startled … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 828

From the decision to sell the house, to the house being sold, it took less than a day. When Wu Jun handed a bank card to Hou Ting, she was stunned. The house in International Zhuang is so good to sell? Only yesterday he decided to sell it, but today he sold it and got … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 827

Hou Ting did not reject Wu Jun’s good intentions that had taken several turns. She could feel Wu Jun’s good intention in the middle of this matter. Lease period of 60 years, Party A is not allowed to take back the house in any name. This is not renting ah, it is obvious to give … Read more

Tycoon Spurt Chapter 826

On the day before the end of M’s spring break. Luo Zhenmin’s house in Champs Elysees Lido was transferred to Wu Jun’s name and changed to Wu. Wu Jun in the price of the house on the Luo Zhenmin a together, the other did not in too much trouble for her, very fast to pay … Read more