Doting Billionaire Chapter 2548

I mean in Guancheng, as long as I want to know, there’s nothing hidden from me, Second Miss Ning has nothing to do with me, I don’t even remember what she looks like, I don’t want to know anything about her at all.”

“Fine, fine, I was the one who misjudged you, drink your tea.”

Shen Xiaojun picked up her husband’s cup of tea and handed it to her husband, telling him to drink the tea and stop talking.

Su Nan took the cup of tea, and after taking a sip of tea himself, he asked War Yichen, “Yichen, what’s going on with that sister-in-law of yours?”

“She performed well inside and came out early. Came out yesterday, went back to the Ning family, didn’t have a key, couldn’t get into the house, that’s all.”

War Yichen was very unhappy to hear about Ning Siqi being his sister-in-law, yet he couldn’t refute it because Ning Siqi really was his sister-in-law.

Regardless of whether or not the two Ning sisters had a brotherly love, they couldn’t erase the fact that they were blood sisters.

Ning Yunchu faintly said, ”They lived in the house my father left me for more than twenty years, and not only did they treat me badly, they almost took my life. Ning Siqi is my own sister, but she doesn’t have me as her sister in her eyes, and you all know how she treats me.”

“Ten years ago I just lost my sight and couldn’t see, she also didn’t let me come in, she also didn’t let the maid open the door for me, she let me fumble to open the door by myself, but she snatched my key, I couldn’t open the door with the key, so I could only fumble to flip the door to get in, and she also let people scatter a lot of glass shards on the ground.”

“I’m a person who actually has a very small heart, and I remember those who are good to me, and those who are bad to me. When I have the chance to do unto others as they do unto me, I will definitely not let go of the opportunity.”

“Ning Siqi took my two cousins back last night and tried to poison the wolf dog I keep to guard my home, there was no dog in sight before they gave up, then they rolled over the door and went in, only to be chased by a dog that scurried out from hiding in the green belt.”

“Ning Siqi was bitten by the dog, the housekeeper also gave money for her to go to the hospital for vaccination last night. At this moment she came over, I don’t need to ask to know that she’s here to quarrel with me, it’s rare for me to rest at home on a weekend holiday, I don’t want to have my good mood spoiled by her.”

No one here was a saintly mother, knowing what had happened to Ning Yunchu in the past, they didn’t feel that she had gone too far in returning the favour now.

Hai Tong said, “That’s the house your father left you, it’s your home, you say what you want, don’t mind her.”

“If it were me, I would have long ago thrown out all of her things, and not let her take half a step into my home.”Hai Ling was much more domineering than before.

Ning Yunchu laughed and said, “There’s no need to rush, watching her try to bite me but not being able to do so is quite healing for me.”

Shen Xiaojun gave her a thumbs up,, and laughed, “It’s too cheap to kill her with a stick, it’s just to tease her slowly, that’s what makes it fun, to kill her arrogance.”

How arrogant Ning Siqi was, Shen Xiaojun had heard of it.

Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei, on the other hand, had seen it before.

When Hai Tong first met Ning Yunchu, it was at a banquet.

She had sent flowers to Ning Siqi, who had given her a hard time and forced her to drink, but she had put drugs in her drink, or an aphrodisiac.

Ning Yunchu couldn’t see it at the time, and if she did drink that drink, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Not to mention that Hai Tong knew at the time that she was the wife candidate that Grandma had chosen for Zhan Yichen, even if she didn’t know, with Hai Tong and Shang Xiaofei’s personalities, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to let it go.

The two were just too nosy.

Ning Siqi was arrogant, but she was also a bully, she didn’t dare to target Shang Xiaofei, a small pepper, but she targeted Hai Tong.

Although Hai Tong is the war family’s great grandma, but the mother’s family of those excellent relatives will only drag the hind legs, the closest sister is still a divorced woman, Ning Siqi think Hai Tong mother’s family is not powerful, not worthy of the war Yin, sooner or later will be discarded, simply do not put Hai Tong this war family great grandma in the eyes.

Her revenge was all directed at Hai Tong.

The result was predictable.