Doting Billionaire Chapter 2549

These are still things they know.

When they didn’t know Ning Yunchu yet, what kind of life Ning Yunchu had in the Ning family, and how Ning Siqi treated her sister, after they found out about it, they all wished that Ning Siqi would be locked up in prison for the rest of her life and not be able to come out.

Therefore, now that Ning Yunchu was dealing with Ning Siqi, people wouldn’t think that she was going overboard, instead they thought that she was only giving Ning Siqi a small beating and scolding, not even damaging her flesh.

War Yichen held his fiancée’s hand, wordlessly supporting her, no matter what decision she made, he supported her.

It was very difficult for her to come this far.

It was her life, otherwise she wouldn’t even be able to live today.

She had to make things difficult for Ning Siqi, and compared to what Mrs Ning’s mother and daughter had done to Yunchu, it was already considered a very, very light revenge.

Ning Yunchu inclined her head to look at her fiancé and smiled, but didn’t say anything, just backhanded her fiancé’s hand.

She wouldn’t be easily defeated, nor would she forgive someone so easily.

Ning Siqi brought her two cousins there at the entrance of the lodge, waiting for a reply.

There was no air conditioning outside, and sitting in front of the security room, the sun was shining, and she felt so hot.

People feel hot, the heart will follow the annoying, annoyed, said: “Ask a question, how so long have not replied. What the hell is the weather, all November, the sun, or feel so hot.”

Boss Jin calmed her down, “Just wait a little longer, there should be a reply soon. The weather in Guancheng is like this, if it was November on the lunar calendar, it wouldn’t be hot.”

The New Year wouldn’t be celebrated until February on the solar calendar next year.

But Guancheng wasn’t cold even during the New Year.

“I dare say Ning Yunchu is doing this on purpose, deliberately not replying so quickly so that we can sit here in the sun, sunbathing to death.”

If I had known it was so sunny, I would have brought an umbrella over.

When Ning Siqi was about to lose her temper, the security guard came out from the security room and apologetically said to Ning Siqi, “Second Miss Ning, our second youngest grandma said she doesn’t have time to see you, please go back.”

“What did that blind man say?”

Ning Siqi stood up, her pretty face had a violent anger, “She doesn’t see me? Not available? What is she busy with? It’s a big weekend, what is she busy with? I think she is doing it on purpose, deliberately not wanting to see me.”

“That blind man!”

Ning Siqi was furious to the point of madness.

The security guard frowned and said, “Second Miss Ning, please pay attention to your wording.”

Not to mention that their second youngest grandma had now regained her sight, even if she still couldn’t see, she couldn’t call their second youngest grandma blind.

If the Second Young Master heard that, he could pull out Second Miss Ning’s tongue.

No wonder Second Young Grandma and Second Miss Ning don’t feel good about each other anymore.

The one who was the younger sister didn’t have any respect for her elder sister.

“What are you, it’s your turn to lecture me? She’s just a blind, blind, bitch, bitch ……Well!”

Ning Siqi couldn’t speak.

Having her mouth covered by Boss Jin, Boss Jin and Boss Cui combined their efforts to drag Ning Siqi, who was struggling and still wanting to scream and curse, out of the outside, dragging her out a long way before they let go.