Fortune Divination Chapter 200

Tian Yao was choking Zhang Chu’s neck, and she could easily feel that someone was coming in a car.

However, instead of stopping, the car began to circle around the small village.

“What the hell?”Tian Yao looked cold and could not help but pinch Zhang Chu harder.

Zhang Chu hurriedly said, “Don’t pinch me, it’s not likely that she doesn’t know my location and is looking for me, in this case, let’s go to the entrance of the village and she’ll see me.”

Tian Yao hummed, “Do you think that, after leaving the range of the Earth Source Formation, you will be able to turn over? Believe it or not, I’ll waste you right now and carry you to the village entrance again?”

“Then it’s better not to go to the village entrance, let’s just wait here, I believe she will be able to find her way here in a while.”Zhang Chu whispered.

But Shangguan Qingxue obviously wouldn’t enter the village, Zhang Chu had already instructed her in the morning that she didn’t need her to come close to her, having the hot pot was enough.

And at this moment, the hot pot had already passed through a small alley and was about to reach the main street.

Tian Yao could of course sense that a big dog was running this way, but she didn’t take it to heart, Tian Yao didn’t know that Zhang Chu had a big dog by his side.

Moreover, in this small village, there were already a few dogs running around, Tian Yao wasn’t that sketchy.

Finally, with its tail between its legs, the hot pot arrived at the main street.

It saw Zhang Chu.

At this moment, the hotpot was instantly overjoyed, Zhang Chu had told it that after holding a bubble of urine, it could only let go of the water if it saw Zhang Chu.

Without greeting Zhang Chu, the Hot Pot immediately approached a stone statue, lifted its legs and charged.

The Earth Origin Formation that Tian Yao had set up here was actually one of the simplest Earth Origin Formations, and as long as a certain power node was destroyed, this Earth Origin Formation, would be dissolved.

Something like dog urine, although it wasn’t an exotic material, to the stone statue, it was a kind of filth, directly blocking the communication between the stone statue and the earth.

At this moment, the power of the entire Earth Source Formation began to be disordered, and when Tian Yao noticed it, it was already too late.

“Eh?”When Tian Yao sensed the decline in the power of the earth, she instantly raised her hand, wanting to slap Zhang Chu to death.

However, Zhang Chu reacted even faster, and was ready when he saw the hot pot.

Tian Yao had just tried to make a move when Zhang Chu’s other intact arm was like a poisonous snake, directly wrapping itself around Tian Yao’s arm!

“Eh?”Tian Yao’s expression was slightly stunned, but immediately after, Tian Yao sneered, “Seeking death!”

At this moment, not only was Tian Yao not afraid of Zhang Chu, but instead, she immediately began to tangle with Zhang Chu, wanting to subdue him once again.

Because, when she was controlling the Earth Origin Formation, she had actually sensed Zhang Chu’s actual realm, which was only the Dantian II realm.

However, Tian Yao’s true strength was at the Dantian IV Realm.

Moreover, one of Zhang Chu’s shoulders had already been crushed by herself, so she had no reason to fear Zhang Chu.

At this moment, Tian Yao wanted to counter Zhang Chu, and her wrist was similarly like a spirit snake, which actually took the initiative to entwine with Zhang Chu’s arm.

In the next second, Tian Yao coldly grunted, “Break!”

At this time, Tian Yao’s dantian fired up and her spiritual energy surged, in her thoughts, the suppression of two small realms was enough to allow her to subdue Zhang Chu in one move.

In Earth Hidden, Tian Yao had yet to lose a battle at the same realm.

However, in the next moment, Tian Yao’s face changed.

After she exerted her force, Zhang Chu unexpectedly did not move at all, at the same time, she felt that her wrist, it was as if it was being wrapped by a truly monstrous python, Zhang Chu’s hand strength was greater than she had imagined!

At this moment, Tian Yao’s other hand directly poked Zhang Chu’s eyes, and at the same time, one of her legs seemed to be a whip as if it was a whip, ruthlessly lashing out at the back of Zhang Chu’s head.

Tian Yao’s melee strength was not weak, and her strikes were vicious.

However, Zhang Chu was not afraid in the slightest, as he slightly twisted his body, directly avoiding Tian Yao’s attack.

In the next second, Zhang Chu directly did a back drop, and Tian Yao was carried up by Zhang Chu on the spot.

Immediately after, with a rumbling sound, Tian Yao was heavily thrown to the ground by Zhang Chu, her back coming into close contact with the earth.

Zhang Chu’s blow was so vicious that he almost threw Tian Yao’s back out of breath, and Tian Yao was lying on the ground, rolling her eyes vigorously.

Zhang Chu did not give Tian Yao a chance to catch her breath, at this moment, he still had a death grip on Tian Yao’s wrist, and with a gentle twist, he twisted Tian Yao’s back with a miserable cry, and turned his back to face the earth.

Immediately after, Zhang Chu pressed one knee onto Tian Yao’s back, directly subduing Tian Yao.

At this moment, Hot Pot also finally solved his physiological problems and ran over with great strides while shouting, “Woof woof woof, Grandpa, I’m coming!”

“Good job!”Zhang Chu shouted.

Tian Yao was pressed to the ground, her face pressed against the ground as she said in annoyance, “Let go of me!”

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, pressed down on Tian Yao with one knee and gritted his teeth, “You son of a bitch, you’re really hard on him, Mei Qian is much gentler than you.”

“I’m warning you, if you dare to do anything against me, Earth Store won’t let you go!”Tian Yao threatened.

Zhang Chu, on the other hand, sneered, “So, I can’t let you go yet, otherwise, you will definitely use Earth Collection’s power against me, right?”

“You–” Tian Yao’s heart trembled.

Beside her, Hot Pot then gave Zhang Chu an idea, “Grandpa, if she’s not honest, strip her naked and clean her up comfortably, and she’ll listen to you.”

Zhang Chu was instantly left with a head full of questions as he looked at Hot Pot, “Hot Pot, this trick of yours, who did you learn it from?”

Hot Pot cocked his head, “I figured it out on my own when I used to be a stray dog.”

Tian Yao, on the other hand, was furious, “How dare you!”

Hot Pot instantly said, “Grandpa don’t need to doubt, when I dealt with the little bitches like that, most of those little bitches, just like her, were dead set against it at first, but ……”

“Alright!”Zhang Chu’s face darkened, stopping Hot Pot from continuing, this guy, always giving people unreliable ideas.

At the same time, Zhang Chu was thinking in his heart about how to deal with Tian Yao.

Right now, Zhang Chu only had two choices, either get her killed, or, like dealing with Mei Qian, send her to that orphanage.

However, an orphanage was not a rubbish dump, one could not just grab someone and send them to an orphanage, right?

Besides, the old director of that orphanage revealed a sense of weirdness anyhow, and Zhang Chu did not know if sending another person there would not boost that old director’s strength.

Therefore, in the end, Zhang Chu gritted his teeth and felt that it would be more appropriate to get Tian Yao killed.

And with Zhang Chu’s killing intent, Tian Yao instantly felt a chill.

At this time, Tian Yao shouted, “What do you want to do?”

Zhang Chu then whispered, “Don’t worry, I won’t harm you.”

While his mouth said that he would not harm, his hand movements were not ambiguous at all, as he slammed his fist into the back of Tian Yao’s head, while at the same time, spiritual energy rushed through his dantian.

With just one punch, Zhang Chu would be able to smash Tian Yao’s head.

At this moment, however, Tian Yao seemed as if eyes were born behind her head as she screamed, “Crazy person!”

In the next second, Zhang Chu’s fist smashed into Tian Yao’s head.

However, Zhang Chu had no sense of force.

Pfft, Tian Yao suddenly disappeared, and Zhang Chu’s fist smashed into the air.

Zhang Chu, who was originally kneeling and pressing down on Tian Yao, also stumbled and fell to one knee.

It was as if there was a mysterious force that directly brought Tian Yao to a space shuttle and saved her.

Zhang Chu hurriedly stood up, “Eh?”

Hot Pot also stared at the dog’s eyes wide open and could not help but exclaim, “Woof woof, Grandpa, where is that woman?”

And right at this moment, Zhang Chu suddenly smelled a smell of burning paper, and he hurriedly turned his head, only to see that behind him, there was a golden-coloured talisman that was slowly burning.

It could be seen that this talisman was transformed into orange-red mystical symbols, and at this moment, those mystical symbols were like red-hot steel bars, emitting a bright light.

The hot pot also saw the talisman, and it immediately woofed, “Woof woof woof, grandpa, what is this?”

“A substitute talisman!”Zhang Chu had a face of obscurity.

The Substitute Talisman, was an extremely valuable talisman, it was said that to refine a Substitute Talisman, the materials alone, were worth over ten million.

Especially one of the thousand year old cold sand, which was the ink mixing material for drawing talismans, a gram of that stuff would cost thirty million, and it was extremely rare.

Of course, things are expensive, naturally have expensive reason, this alternative life talisman, is the most commonly used in the Xuanmen a kind of life preservation talisman.

Once encountered a life-threatening situation, this talisman can be independently inspired, on behalf of the owner of a death, at the same time, this talisman will be the owner of the transport to a safe place.

This talisman, on the other hand, would ignite on its own and disappear.

“Indeed, it is the core of the Earth Store, carrying this kind of life-preserving goodies around with them.”Zhang Chu thought in his heart.

With Tian Yao gone, there was naturally no need for Zhang Chu to continue staying here.

At this moment, pain came from his shoulder, and Zhang Chu immediately grimaced as he covered his shoulder and left this small village.

Seeing that Zhang Chu was injured, Hot Pot honestly followed Zhang Chu, escorting him all the way, leaving the small village.