Master Of The Blade Chapter 681

Wu Anning? In the field, everyone looked at the woman, and soon, the woman’s appearance became clearer and clearer. In the end, all the Divine Kingdom powerhouses in the arena dropped to one knee and said in unison, “Greetings, Divine Lord Wu!” Martial Anning! The first divine Lord of the Divine Kingdom, and the founder … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 2080

You have to believe it even if you don’t, Qing Xuantian is a complete villain, fake benevolence on the surface, but behind his back, he is doing all sorts of evil things.” “Our world, is separated from this world by a boundary, I simply cannot come here, do you know how I came here? It … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 2079

Wow… After Chu Feng and the Magma Emperor entered the sea, not only did the waves roll over, but the heat rose. The seawater in this sea area was drying up, and it was drying up extremely quickly, but in just a few moments, the bottomless seawater completely disappeared. Evaporated, it was the scorching hot … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 2078

I am also not trying to scare you.” When Chu Feng spoke here, the Emperor Armament Greatsword in his hand was suddenly thrown downwards, and with just a click, it pierced above the Magma Emperor’s head. Afterwards, Chu Feng merged his palms together and softly shouted, “Collect.” Buzz – in an instant, the formation that … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 2077

Rumble- Suddenly, the Magma Emperor’s body lost its support and fell heavily into the seawater.   It was Chu Feng, it was the Boundary Technique that Chu Feng had arranged, and Chu Feng had used the Boundary Technique to hold up the Magma Emperor. Not only that, at that moment, Chu Feng’s mouth that had … Read more

Martial Champion Chapter 2076

Chu Feng hurriedly approached, and in an instant, the distance from the Magma Emperor was already less than three thousand metres. Normally speaking, under this kind of distance, Chu Feng only needed to use his mighty pressure, and it would be enough to decapitate his opponent. After all, to the extent that Chu Feng had … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 240

In everyone’s unbelievable gazes, Zhang Chu took one step and arrived in front of the green stone eye. The green stone eye seemed to have sensed the danger as well, and it once again let out a strange “gurgle”, and a terrifying Divine Soul Impact was once again sent out. Moreover, this time, the Divine … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 239

The big toad saw Su Qian at a glance, it directly opened its mouth and its tongue was directed towards Su Qian. Su Qian directly slashed her broadsword forward and met the big toad’s e head. Rumble! Su Qian’s whole body seemed like a kite with broken strings, suddenly flew towards the back. Dang! Su … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 238

“Lapis lazuli eyes!”Many people from the White Feather Hall sucked in a breath of cold air when they saw this. Immediately after, all of them backed up unanimously and hurriedly looked for a suitable cover to hide. Even Su Qian, hid behind a stone pier, her face unsightly. Of course, she didn’t just hide, but … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 237

At this moment, Zhang Chu pondered in his heart. In the Yang Realm, if a person’s cultivation could reach the Realm of Transformation, then they would almost be an invincible existence. And in the Underworld, the Ghost Bone Realm corresponded to the Realm of Transformation, and Lady Jade Bone was equivalent to the Realm of … Read more