Super School Student Chapter 523-524

Chapter 523 When she heard Ye Lu’s words, the female “God Transformation Realm” showed a serious expression, because she had already found out that the demonic beasts around Ye Lu were not to be messed with. The Chinese audience in front of the TVs, computers and mobile phones were ignited by Ye Lu’s domineering words. … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 521-522

Chapter 521 Everyone’s mouth dropped open as they destroyed a “god” with one blow. “Oh my, that thing is the sun, isn’t it?” In the auditorium of Yanjing University of Chinese Medicine, everyone began to study what Ye Lu had summoned. The legends of the “three-legged Golden Crow” and Hou Yi shooting the sun were … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 519-520

Chapter 519 That source was the Mage of Round Light, who, just as the Vine of Heavenly Light was taking out its weapon, made a second summoning, a truly terrifying one. This time, the Venerable Round Light actually bit his finger and drew the blood formation on his own body, and then his body began … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 517-518

Chapter 517 As he said that, Ye Lu also began to release the blood and began to summon. “He had only drawn a simple “five mansard” formation, but after this was completed, a larger and more complex blood-coloured formation appeared around the formation, with blood light flowing and a red glow rising to the sky, … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 515-516

Chapter 515 When he saw Ye Lu waving his hand, the moustache guy looked at Ye Lu with a puzzled expression. He was not a “YuanYing realm” and did not have “divine sense”, so of course he could not see through other people’s cultivation, so he did not know what Ye Lu’s level was. Ye … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 513-514

Chapter 513 He was very happy to see Gushiki again, but what surprised him was the demonic beast at Gushiki’s feet, which looked too odd. It was an odd demonic beast with eyes, nose, ears, and even a mouth, all smooth looking as if it was very soft, however, the limbs were there, but there … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 511-512

Chapter 511 When the group’s vision returned, they had arrived in a canyon surrounded by trees, but apparently the trees here were completely different from those in the “Secret Realm of Ten Thousand Beasts”, not the extremely tall ones, but the kind of trees commonly found on Earth. “Is it back?” “It seems to have … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 509-510

Chapter 509 “It’s really a tide of beasts.” Next to Ye Lu, the people of the Dragon Clan and the Vermilion Bird Clan also began to turn pale, because they knew very well that what these people were saying was true. Those of them who had lived in the Secret Realm of the Ten Thousand … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 507-508

Chapter 507 Because the hint from the “gla*ses” appeared, the “gla*ses” told him that this “three-legged golden crow” was a demonic beast that could hatch the “Sun Candle” beast egg. “Haha, I’ve really found it without any trouble! I’ve actually found a demonic beast that can hatch beast eggs here.” However, there was now a … Read more

Super School Student Chapter 505-506

Chapter 505 The reason why Ye Luo was not in a hurry was because he found that some of the other forces had already arrived at the Death Canyon first, but these people did not make any further moves, but waited quietly on the side of the canyon. This meant that they hadn’t succeeded, the … Read more