Tycoon Spurt Chapter 811

Hou Ting has been working for more than six years without taking a single holiday. The number of days of her attendance reached the standard of full attendance every year. This time, she took a month’s leave, and the reason for her leave was extremely general, just saying that she was not feeling well. In … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1095

Not only Ye Qingyun couldn’t stand it, even those other disciples of Qingxue Sect, one by one, they were envious, this was too sweet. And that Luo Jin, the heart is even more difficult to die. Because no matter if it was Mo Demon, or Bai Ruyun and that Xia Yu Fei, inside the Qingxue … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1094

“Right, right, senior, please smile, in here, I also have a third grade intermediate level Dan formula, as long as senior can spare me, I’ll give it all to you! It’s useless for me to keep it anyway, maybe if I give it to senior, it’ll be useful!” There was another male disciple, who was … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1093

Ye Qingyun grimaced and looked at these guys in front of him with evil hatred, “You people from the Heavenly Dragon Sect, what do you want to do? I’m telling you guys, don’t go too far in doing things, this time our clan has a lot of experts coming in, if you guys go too … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1092

“Still continue a ghost ah, in case someone runs in again in a while and sees how bad it is?” Mo Demon couldn’t help but blankly glance at Qin Li, but in her heart, she was incredibly happy, wrapping her arms around him and saying, “You fellow, you’re all in the Golden Immortal realm ah, … Read more

Rise to Defeat Chapter 1091

Since entering the third layer of this seven-coloured pagoda, Mo Demon was separated from her elder sister and several of them, and along the way, she had to be careful, after all, her cultivation, although she was still able to, but the people who were able to come to the third layer so quickly, their … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 240

In everyone’s unbelievable gazes, Zhang Chu took one step and arrived in front of the green stone eye. The green stone eye seemed to have sensed the danger as well, and it once again let out a strange “gurgle”, and a terrifying Divine Soul Impact was once again sent out. Moreover, this time, the Divine … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 239

The big toad saw Su Qian at a glance, it directly opened its mouth and its tongue was directed towards Su Qian. Su Qian directly slashed her broadsword forward and met the big toad’s e head. Rumble! Su Qian’s whole body seemed like a kite with broken strings, suddenly flew towards the back. Dang! Su … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 238

“Lapis lazuli eyes!”Many people from the White Feather Hall sucked in a breath of cold air when they saw this. Immediately after, all of them backed up unanimously and hurriedly looked for a suitable cover to hide. Even Su Qian, hid behind a stone pier, her face unsightly. Of course, she didn’t just hide, but … Read more

Fortune Divination Chapter 237

At this moment, Zhang Chu pondered in his heart. In the Yang Realm, if a person’s cultivation could reach the Realm of Transformation, then they would almost be an invincible existence. And in the Underworld, the Ghost Bone Realm corresponded to the Realm of Transformation, and Lady Jade Bone was equivalent to the Realm of … Read more