Doting Billionaire Chapter 2546

Second Miss Ning went out travelling for most of the year and only came back today, and when she came back, she found that no one was at home, so she came over to find her sister to take the house key and go back to open the door.”

He also made up a lie.

The matter of Ning Siqi’s imprisonment, she didn’t like to be known, when she went in, it was only the people in this circle of the upper society who knew, ordinary people who would pay attention to the matter of Ning Siqi’s imprisonment.

So Boss Jin made up a lie for Ning Siqi, saying that she had just come back after travelling out for most of the year, and found that her home was locked, so she had no choice but to run here to find Ning Yunchu to ask for the key.

The two security guards exchanged glances.

Second Young Grandma’s own sister?

They hadn’t heard that Second Young Grandma had a sister.

Second Young Grandmother’s younger brother as well as cousins, they had seen them, but the cousins weren’t the two men in front of them.

Thinking of the second young grandmother has three aunts, only the two great aunts and the second young grandmother’s feelings are not good, not the second young grandmother to see, so never invited them to come over as a guest, only the small aunt family came to the oat villa will be treated as an honoured guest reception.

“Three of you please wait for a moment, I will call the housekeeper to ask the second young grandmother.”

A security guard said and turned around to go back to the security room.

The other security guard carried three stools and invited Ning Siqi’s three to sit down.

Even though these two security guards had a good attitude, Ning Siqi was still not satisfied, she didn’t sit down and said, “No need to go through all that trouble, I’ll just go in and look for Ning Yunchu ……Just look for my sister. I wasn’t at home for half a year, and once I came out, oh, once I came back, my sister was actually engaged to the second young master of War, and I didn’t know anything about it.”

“Since I’m here, it’s only right that I should go in to meet my in-laws and meet my prospective brother-in-law.”

When Ning Siqi came out, not only did she want to compete with Ning Yunchu for the family property, she also wanted to destroy the relationship between Ning Yunchu and War Yichen, she thought she was too much better than Ning Yunchu, she was young and pretty with a good figure, and most of all, she wasn’t blind.

The most important thing is that she is not blind. When she meets with War Yi-Chen later, she dares to say that War Yi-Chen will not be able to move his eyes when he sees her.

Ning Yunchu that blind although also has a few points of beauty, but a blind ah, the body is not as sexy as her.

That blind girl is similar to Princess Taiping, just a little better than Princess Taiping.

Unlike her, she was good at everything.

The security guard politely said, “Second Miss Ning, please forgive me, we haven’t heard about our second youngest grandma having a sister before, so we need to ask the housekeeper to make sure, and consult the second youngest grandma’s wishes before we can let you in.”

The second young granny can’t be seen by just anyone who wants to see her, it’s always necessary to go through the second young granny’s consent.

Today, there are guests in the mountain villa.

The eldest young granny’s maiden sister is here, General Manager Lu and Young Master Sunan are also there, these three people look like they are not good people, in case they are here to look for trouble, if they didn’t ask clearly before letting the people in, it’s a dereliction of duty, and they will be deducted from their bonuses.

Their monthly bonus was higher than their base salary.

Ning Siqi wanted to say something else, but was pulled back by Boss Cui.

Boss Cui was a fierce-looking man, but he was also more knowledgeable than Ning Siqi, and knew that he couldn’t make a scene here in the War Family.