Doting Billionaire Chapter 2547

Si Qi.”

Boss Cui whispered, “Don’t be impulsive.”

He smiled again and said to the security guard, “We’ll sit here, it’s fine, wait until your second youngest grandma agrees to see us, then we’ll go in.”

Ning Siqi bristled and didn’t say anything, sulking to death in her heart.

The people she used to beat and scold at will were now hard to see.

A woman who married into the War family was different.

Ning Blindie hadn’t even received a marriage certificate with War Yichen yet, and just being engaged made her seem superior.

Ning Siqi cursed in her heart, it’s best that War Yichen is just toying with Ning Yunchu, and when he gets tired of playing, he’ll abandon Ning Yunchu, that way she’s going to go and buy a load of firecrackers and come back to set them off, to celebrate.

The housekeeper received a phone call from the security guard and replied to the security guard: “The second youngest granny has a sister, who used to harm the eldest youngest granny and was sent to jail by the eldest youngest granny, but now she’s out? The second young granny and her sister don’t have a good relationship either, her sister often bullies the second young granny.”

“Wait for me to ask Second Young Grandma if she wants to see her sister, if Second Young Grandma doesn’t want to see her, let them go.”

The security guards hurriedly responded.

Luckily, they did their duty and didn’t hear that it was Second Young Grandma’s sister before letting people in.

This Second Miss Ning had pitied the First Young Grandmother, and had also treated the Second Young Grandmother very badly.

Obviously she was in jail, but she still had to lie and say she was going out on a trip, not being honest, she must have come from a bad place.

The housekeeper personally went under the gazebo.

The people who were sitting under the gazebo and chatting, saw the butler come in and stopped talking.

“What’s wrong?”

War Yichen opened his mouth and asked the butler who walked into the gazebo.

“Second Young Master, Second Young Grandmother, Second Miss Ning is here, saying she wants to see Second Young Grandmother, does Second Young Grandmother want to see her?”

War Yichen looked towards Ning Yunchu.

Ning Yunchu stretched out her slender jade hand and picked up the teapot from the stone table, pouring half a cup of tea into her empty teacup, and adding some tea for everyone before putting down the teapot and then picking up her own cup of tea.

Slowly savouring the fragrant tea, she even praised it as good tea.

Only after she drank a small half cup of tea did she faintly say, “Tell her, if you have the ability to go in yourself, don’t bother me.”

The butler waited quietly for a few minutes, and when he waited for a reply, he respectfully answered and exited the gazebo, not being able to bother the crowd anymore.

The butler immediately replied to the security guard, asking the guard to convey the second young grandma’s meaning.

Shen Xiaojun didn’t know about Ning Siqi, she asked suspiciously, ”Isn’t Ning Siqi in jail? I remember she needs to be out until next year, and now she’s out?”

She looked at her own man again, this matter, how come her Su Nan didn’t know about it.

Su Nan innocently said, “It has nothing to do with me, I care if she’s alive or dead, it’s not like I have nothing to do with my time, what kind of cats and dogs do I keep an eye on.”

Shen Xiaojun laughed, “You said it yourself, in Guancheng, there is nothing that can be hidden from you.”