Fortune Divination Chapter 198

Anticipating danger, Zhang Chu began to deduce a way to transform the bane.

Finally, Zhang Chu’s gaze condensed, and he said to Lin SiYu and Hot Pot, “Today, the two of you can’t follow me, this kind of bane is very heavy, and if you follow me, you might be in danger.”

“Good!”Lin SiYu nodded her head.

Hot Pot also nodded vigorously.

Immediately after Zhang Chu looked at Shangguan Qingxue, and then at Hot Pot, he suddenly felt that the key point of transforming the bane had unexpectedly fallen on their bodies.

Thus, Zhang Chu said in a low voice, “Listen guys, I’ll give you some tasks.”

Soon, Zhang Chu explained something.

And then, Zhang Chu drove alone and continued to search for the jade pendants.

The two jade pendants at the beginning, both of which were not out of place, one was on Liuli Street, on a grandpa who had a stall.

The grandfather took a look at Zhang Chu to jade pendant, opening is one hundred and eighty thousand eight hundred and eighty-eight.

As a result, Zhang Chu directly counter-offer 80 yuan, the grandfather did not even think about it, immediately sold, tearful blood earned 78 yuan.

Another jade pendant, is to go to the hospital, from a woman in love with the hand, spent a few hundred dollars to buy.

The woman was pregnant, but did not know who the father was, she said that during that time she dated four boyfriends, and now, she did not want that child, but the four boyfriends did not give her money to do away with the child.

So, she tearfully took Zhang Chu as the wrongdoer, as long as the money for her abortion, she will give that jade pendant to Zhang Chu.

Zhang Chu happened to have money, and did not grumble, directly to her transferred a few hundred dollars, the second jade pendant to get.

Immediately after, Zhang Chu began to look for the third jade pendant.

This time, Zhang Chu drove himself to a rural suburb.

Just after getting out of the car, Zhang Chu frowned slightly, feeling that the aura of this small village was a bit off.

“It seems that the Heist Severance that I’m going to experience is here.”Zhang Chu thought in his heart.

It is a blessing that is not a curse, it is a curse that cannot be avoided, there are some things that must be faced, and there is no way to hide from them.

Soon, Zhang Chu got out of the car.

In the face of possible danger, Zhang Chu was not blindly going forward, he had already made sufficient preparations.

Firstly, Zhang Chu’s own strength wasn’t too weak, Dantian II realm, in this current situation, there weren’t many people who could directly defeat Zhang Chu.

Furthermore, Zhang Chu still had the palm arrows given by the Demoness Master.

Even more, Zhang Chu had arranged for Shangguan Qingxue and Hot Pot to give the way to transform the Fury.

With such complete preparation, Zhang Chu felt that there was no need to be afraid.

At this moment, Zhang Chu followed the address given by Mei Dun and walked towards a small courtyard.

After walking not more than a few steps, when Zhang Chu violently stopped in his tracks.

It was because Zhang Chu suddenly realised that this small village was frighteningly quiet.

Moreover, without knowing when, there were several more mysterious stone statues on the surrounding streets!

“Eh?”Zhang Chu was instantly startled in his heart.

Zhang Chu remembered very clearly that when he had just walked on the street, there were absolutely no stone statues around, there was nothing on this street except for a few rubbish bins, and there were not even any cars parked here.

But now, these several mysterious stone statues, as if they appeared out of nowhere.

“Could it be a formation?”Zhang Chu instantly realised that it was not good.

If it was just someone ambushing himself, then Zhang Chu was definitely not afraid, one-on-one even if he couldn’t beat them, then there was still Master’s Palm Arrow.

However, if it was a formation, then it would be troublesome, there were many formations in this world that were mysterious and unpredictable, and could not be solved by relying on brute force.

At this moment, Zhang Chu instantly retreated, wanting to temporarily leave this street.

However, right at this moment, ahead, a small courtyard suddenly opened its door.

Immediately after, a young girl wearing a goose-coloured short shirt walked out step by step.

This young girl looked cute, doll-faced, fleshy, and festive looking, like a doll that walked out of a New Year’s painting.

However, she shouldn’t be too young, looking eighteen or nineteen, with large eyes that seemed to speak.

“It’s you! Zhang Chu!”This girl directly recognised Zhang Chu after seeing him.

Zhang Chu’s heart stirred, and he immediately asked, “You’re from Earth Hidden?”

“Smart!”The girl replied.

In fact, the moment they met, both parties knew that it was impossible to hide the other’s identity.

Firstly, it was Zhang Chu, although Zhang Chu hadn’t appeared in public, the recent appearance of so many magic weapons had definitely attracted the attention of many people.

It wasn’t difficult for someone with an intention to know Zhang Chu’s appearance.

As for this girl who appeared here, her identity was even easier to guess.

These 108 jade pendants were originally arranged by Earth Store, and now, in Earth Store’s eyes, Mei Dun should have been missing for several days.

Then in reason, the people of Earth Store would have sent someone to investigate this matter.

Therefore, Zhang Chu instantly judged that this girl came from Earth Store.

At this time, Zhang Chu asked, “What is your name?”

“Earth Hidden, Tian Yao!”The girl said.

Immediately after, Tian Yao asked, “Did you kill Mei Dun?”

“Mei Dun didn’t die.”Zhang Chu said.

At this moment, Tian Yao’s tone was ice-cold, “So, it was Mei Dun who betrayed Earth Store!”

“You could say that, that dead fatso doesn’t have any backbone at all, I didn’t even torture him, he said everything himself.”Zhang Chu said.

“Where is Mei Dun?”Tian Yao asked.

Zhang Chu laughed, “This, even if I say it, you wouldn’t dare to go to him, right?”

Tian Yao was silent for a moment, and then immediately extended her hand towards Zhang Chu, “Bring it!”

“What?”Zhang Chu asked.

Tian Yao hummed, “It’s those jade pendants!”

Zhang Chu swept a glance at the surrounding stone statues and then looked at Tian Yao, who, he felt, should not be in a high realm himself.

So Zhang Chu laughed, “Why should I give them to you?”

Tian Yao grunted coldly, “If you don’t give it to me, I will kill you.”

Zhang Chu once again took a step back, keeping a distance from those mysterious stone statues, and then Zhang Chu sneered, “Kill me? With you?”

At this moment, Tian Yao no longer spoke much as she gently took a step forward, and all around, some of the mysterious stones suddenly trembled.

Immediately after that, Zhang Chu realised that these mysterious stones gave birth to some mysterious powers, and those powers did not attack Zhang Chu, but instead, they rushed towards Tian Yao.

In the next second, Tian Yao’s body bulged and a terrifying aura violently erupted.

This aura was so violent that Zhang Chu felt as if she had transformed into an ocean in an instant, and there was a terrifying storm brewing.

“This is ……” Zhang Chu’s face changed greatly as a terrifying term suddenly surfaced in his mind: the Earth Source Array!

Legend had it that one of the eight great Xuan Sects, the Earth Hidden, had a terrifying mastery called the Earth Origin Formation.

In the eyes of the Earth Zang Sect people, both the mountains and the earth contained some sort of terrifying power.

If there was a way to invoke these terrifying powers and incorporate them for one’s own use, then one could have the power to move mountains and fill the seas.

And the people of the Earth Treasury, in order to control and acquire this power, after countless generations of hard work, finally created a mastery: the Earth Source Formation.

However, the arrangement and comprehension of the Earth Source Formation was extremely difficult, and even within the Earth Collection, not many people could master it.

The Witch Master, Shang Xuan Yue, had even said that in Earth Tibet, there were no more than five people who were truly proficient in the Earth Source Formation.

However, this young girl in front of him was actually able to perform such a means, and Zhang Chu immediately felt his scalp tingle.

It was feared that this was not the next Sect Master of the Earth Collection!

At this moment, Zhang Chu turned around and ran!